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ACF Self-Coaching Cards



  1. 想傾甚麼: 如沒有想法,可以用人生之輪,轉轉轉來決定一個範疇

  2. 評滿意度:一人之尺表示該範疇之滿意度 (10分最高,1分最低)

  3. 教練模式:ACF教練模式,先做A (一人之鏡)

  4. 訂立目標:F卡 及使用7W2H自我教練卡

  5. 選擇教練:挑選一位你喜歡的教練類型卡

  6. 如何做到:​C卡,用影分身角色卡及(或)教練骰 

  7. 反覆自問: 7W2H自我教練卡

  8. 總結發現:自我發現教練問題卡,挑選1條來回答 (2條、3條,甚至全部也可)



English Version

Here is one commonly used process:

  1. Determine what to focus on: If you have no idea, you can use the Wheel of Life and spin it to decide on a category.

  2. Rate your satisfaction: Use a personal scale to indicate the level of satisfaction in that category (10 being the highest, 1 being the lowest).

  3. Coaching model: Use the ACF Coaching Model, starting with A (Self-Reflection Mirror).

  4. Set goals: Use the F Card and the 7W2H Self-Coaching Card.

  5. Choose a coach: Select a coach type card that you resonate with.

  6. How to achieve it: Use the C Card, along with Role Cards and/or Coaching Dice.

  7. Ask yourself repeatedly: Use the 7W2H Self-Coaching Card.

  8. Summarize your discoveries: Use the Self-Discovery Coaching Question Card and choose one question to answer (you can choose 2, 3, or even answer all of them).

Note: The above process can be customized or rearranged based on your own needs.

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  1. 谈甚么: 如没有想法,可以用人生之轮,转转转来决定一个范畴

  2. 评满意度:用一人之尺表示该范畴之满意度 (10分最高,1分最低)

  3. 教练模式:用ACF教练模式,先做A (一人之镜)

  4. 订立目标:F卡 及使用7W2H自我教练卡

  5. 选择教练:挑选一位你喜欢的教练类型卡

  6. 如何做到:​C卡,用影分身角色卡及(或)教练骰 

  7. 反复自问: 用 7W2H自我教练卡 

  8. 总结发现:用自我发现教练问题卡,挑选1条来回答 (2条、3条,甚至全部也可)



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