About Association for Coaching and Facilitation (ACF)


ACF is the leading certification training provider of Talent Assessments and Accreditation for coaches and facilitators in Hong Kong, registered in Hong Kong in 2015.  Working with key industry partners and world-class organziations such as TTI Success Insights, Cambridge International College, Corporate Coach U, Career/Life Skills Recources Inc, and Laughter Yoga UIniversity, etc.  ACF offers a wide range of International Programs and Certification Courses aim at improving your performance and productivity.


ACF is the SOLE Distributor of TTI SUCCESS INSIGHTS CHINA in Hong Kong and Macau since 2017.  TTI is the World’s Leading source for research-based, validated assessment and coaching tools.

ACF is officially Affiliate School of Cambridge International College, Britain.
The Cambridge International College (founded in 1935) is recognised Worldwide as an Accredited British College.


Besides, ACF is the first Accredited School of the International Institute of Coaching Studies (IICS) in Hong Kong & Macau.

ACF is comprised of the 5 Academies:


Coaching Academy, Facilitation Academy, Talent Assessments Academy, Drama Education Academy​ and Laughter Yoga Academy - offer more than 10 Certification programs.


Professionals who earn these designations have demonstrated that they have met established standards of professionalism in the specialized area.  Currently, we have trained more than 1000 Coaches and Facilitators in Hong Kong, Macau, and China .

Coaching Academy

Facilitation Academy

Talent Assessments Academy
(Partner with TTI: www.ttidischk.com)

  • TTI-DISC (Accreditation)

  • Motivators / Driving Forces (Accreditation)

  • EQ (Accreditation)

  • Acumen (Accreditation)

  • Competency (Accreditation)

  • Stress Quotient (Accreditation)

Drama Education Academy

Laughter Yoga Academy


To be the Best training and Accreditation organization of Coaching and Facilitation in Hong Kong, China.



Develop NGO & Business professionals to become a Certified Coach and Facilitator.


1. To provide professional public and in-house training

2. Certification and Accreditation

ACF Logo

ACF Logo以一個「Global」的符號,象徵我們的課程來自全球—




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